Oh – its started without me

So – I have arrived gasping into the blogosphere with a firm spank on the bottom from wordpress. In fact it hasn’t waited for me to start – its already got the ball rolling with a perfectly pitched ‘hello world’ from – me? And pictures are cycling through the title area faster than I can keep up. Quite nice pictures. They really know how blogs should be. I was tempted to wait and see if it would just go right on and chart my life – some kind of moderated average of bloggers with my profile. I haven’t given them much to go on. Pity there isn’t something like this for work, and well, everything, that just cuts in and shows up if you’re a bit slack or have an off day. Throw life on autopilot for a while and send me a prompt, tell me to turn up and get living again. Meantime its all covered. Well anyway, guess it might cut out now. The ‘autoblog’ that is. Better make sure I keep up the posts.


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