Cows and clouds and angel hair

OK, they are bulls – fans of Joni Mitchell will be equally outraged either way by my unpoetic license with her lyrics. I like these spiderwebby clouds, seen here over a friends farm where I was working today. Hard to really get the effect in a photo. Soon after this a norwester gale came up and really blew away the cobwebs. Another pic before that:


Fallen jewels

I am amazed how in nature even the litter looks amazing! Each item of ‘rubbish’ is an ornament, the ‘rubbish heaps’ works of art. These rewarewa flowers were lying on a track in Tararua forest park.

Majesty of midges

I was sitting in the bathroom when I noticed a tiny speck hovering nearby. It appeared alive, but it was so small I could hardly tell if it was a tiny fly or a spider hanging from the ceiling. It was in fact a fly. An impulse to clap it between my hands flashed in my mind, then passed. If it had been a mosquito probably I would have. I have been known to spare mosquitos in philosophical moments, but not often. Then it occured to me – imagine if human beings were the only living creatures known. If we were surrounded only by inanimate natural and manmade objects. How precious would that tiny hovering creature be! I would be overwhelmed by a desire to catch it, then horrified that I might hurt it. It would infinitely surpass the most sophisticated manmade object – and indeed it did. This tiny being that I might destroy by a whim. How unthinkably marvelous and majestic is our world, and all its creatures!